Download Droid4x for Mac

Droid4X is an Android Emulator App for computer and laptop. You can use the Droid4X Application on your Personal Computer (PC) and Notebook/Laptop for free. All you should have is a Mac PC or MacBook with minimum system requirements. The Droid4X is developed for both the Mac OS and Microsoft Windows Operating System.

You can enjoy unlimited Android Apps and Play Android Games on your MacBook and Mac Desktop. To download android apps in Droid4X on Mac, you need to sign in to Google Play Store with your Google Account. If your Mac System Configuration is powerful then you can also play Large Android Games in High Graphics Mode without any issue.

Recommended Mac System Configuration for Droid4X

You can install Droid4X App only if your Mac PC or MacBook meets its minimum system requirement. But you need a Mac with good configuration to run the Droid4X smoothly without lagging problem. For example, Droid4X is compatible on Mac with 1.0 GB RAM, but it will work far better on Mac with 3.0/4.0 GB RAM.

Recently, we did an experiment to find the best-required system configuration for using Droid4X App on Mac. On the basis of the experiment result, here we provide our recommended Mac System Configuration for Droid4X.

  • 64-bit System.
  • 3.0 GB or 4.0 GB RAM.
  • Dedicated Graphics Card of 1.0 GB or higher.

If the graphics card is high, the screen resolution and display quality will be much better. So you will be able to play high graphics android games on your Mac. The 3.0 GB or 4.0 GB RAM will allow you to run large size games and apps without lagging or getting stuck. That is why we suggest to install and use Droid4X App on your Mac with our recommended system configuration.

Download Droid4x Mac

How to Download and Install Droid4X App on Mac

You can install the Droid4X App on your Mac by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download mac file from here.
  2. The downloaded file contains Droid4X Installer for Mac.
  3. Double Click on Installer File to start Droid4X Installation Process.
  4. Accept Droid4X User Agreement and Terms & Conditions.
  5. Choose Installation Location on your Mac Hard Drive and continue.
  6. Let the Droid4X Installation keep going, do not interrupt the process.
  7. Click on Finish/Done button on completion of installation.

Special Features of Droid4X App

Droid4X App contains variety of amazing features as mentioned below:

  • Droid4X supports the Google Play Store that gives the users direct access to all android contents.
  • Download and Use Millions of Android Apps and Games without any restrictions.
  • Droid4X takes time in installation, but it runs very smoothly on Mac PC/Desktop and MacBook.
  • It is capable to run Large Size and High Graphics Games like Virtual Racing, Phantasy Star and others.
  • Droid4X is compatible with Joystick or Console which will take your gaming experience to the next level on Mac.
  • It supports Full-Screen Mode on PC for providing better vision and clarity to the user.
  • It provides great speed in using android apps same you have experienced with your Android Phone.
  • After installation on Mac, it allows the user for Keyboard Controller Setup. The user can use the Mac Keyboard also to play Android Games in Droid4X.
  • It has a built-in app for keyboard mapping which helps you to control the screen with your Mac Keyboard.
  • Gaming Experience is much better in Droid4X compared to any other Android Emulator for Mac.
  • Droid4X supports Quick File Transfer between PC Host and Android Host.
  • It also supports quick copy (Ctrl+C) and quick paste (Ctrl+V) commands between Mac OS and Android OS in Droid4X.
  • Droid4X provides Zoom-In and Zoom-Out with Mouse Scroll and Real-time rewinding of any android game.
  • Most MacBook and Mac PC have same screen resolution, still, Droid4X allows the user to adjust screen resolution as per their and device’s convenience.
  • The User can take Snapshot/Screenshot in Droid4X same as s/he can capture on an Android Phone.
  • Droid4X allows you to access GPS and view/track your desired locations with the help of Google Maps App.
  • It also supports APK File Installation. You can install the App which is stored as APK on your Mac Hard Drive.